“We looked high and low for the best system on the market and eventually chose PEAK 15.  We find the program exceeds our needs on a daily basis and are constantly learning how to get more out of it.  You can’t go wrong with PEAK 15.”

-Dan Austin, President-

“We did a lot of research and initially went with a different vendor. In the end, there were so many bugs and issues with that system that we changed to PEAK 15 where we should have been in the first place.”

-Katie Reents, General Manager-

About Peak 15

So what does PEAK 15 mean? PEAK 15 (or PEAK XV to you purists) was the geographic survey name given in the 1850s to the Himalayan peak that later became known to many in the world as Mount Everest. This PEAK 15 dates its origins back to 2001 when development began on a one of a kind system. In 2005, the system had proven its worth and the company was formed to bring it to market.

Like the oxygen-starved climber making the grueling ascent up a difficult peak, travel companies face a difficult path as they attempt to reach new heights. PEAK 15’s mission is to be like the sherpa who knows the route and can take a heavy load off your back as you make the push for the summit. Information technology can be a vital tool made all the more powerful when it is backed by the right people.

How are we different?

  1. We work exclusively with travel companies, so we know the business and speak your language.
  2. We view technology as a tool… a means to an end. We don’t do technology for technology’s sake.
  3. We have the most experienced development team in the business. Our team has, on average, 15 years of hands-on development experience.
We look forward to serving you!

James O’Leonard, CEO

Executive Team

James O’Leonard,
Founder & CEO

Prior to founding PEAK 15, James spent more than 10 years in product strategy and marketing positions with Silicon Valley firms such as Sun Microsystems. He holds an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, graduated with honors from Williams College, and has a passion for travel, born in part by his experiences growing up in Kenya.


Jeff Lynch, COO

With 20 years of Sales and Operations experience with fortune 500 companies such as IBM and i2 Technologies as well as start-up technology firms, Jeff leads PEAK 15’s customer acquisition, implementation and support efforts. While at i2 Technologies Jeff led his division from start-up to the #1 division worldwide in just 2 years.