Software for Custom | FIT | Private Travel and Scheduled | Group | Set Date Travel

Designed to fit your FIT business and keep your Scheduled business on schedule

Building a business that blends custom and scheduled travel isn’t easy — but it can be a very successful way to give your clients flexibility as long as you can leverage one system to manage both. PEAK 15 provides your team with everything they need to keep clients coming back for all types of travel experiences.

Multiple Systems = Limited Synergy and Automation across different travel models

Stop compromising with systems that support one part of your business and create unnecessary barriers to collaboration and efficiency

How many different systems do you rely on for critical information?

Custom Itineraries
Starter templates and previously created itineraries

Set Departure Budgets
Fixed, tiered and variable costs and the impact of total group size on profit

Supplier information
Contact details, images, videos, descriptions, services and rates

Customer information
Contact details, email/phone call logs and inquiry/sales history

Accounting information
Who, what, when and how of supplier and customer payments

How much is that costing you?

Duplicated Effort
Recreating proposals

Costly mistakes
Incorrect or out of date budget assumptions or calculations

Wasted time
Searching for information, sending out reminders, entering traveler details

Poor guest experience
Client expected a faster response on inquiries and proposals

Limited data for decision making
Which departures to run, which marketing efforts are succeeding

Integrated Business = One Truth + Fewer Barriers + More Automation

“As an integrated travel company with geographically split teams, we faced challenges coordinating efforts for scheduled and custom made programs. PEAK 15 allowed us to publish and share real-time information for planning and executing our operations and streamline time-consuming booking, invoicing and payment activities. Now we can focus on analysis and automation to help our marketing and sales teams reach full power.”

-Felipe Umbert Olazabal, CFO & Co-Founder-

PEAK 15 has provided our business with a powerful tool to improve processes and guest experiences. We are constantly working together to add functions that improve communication and increase sales.

-Melissa Hordych, Executive Director-

Trip Planning

Clone a template or any previously created trip or tour or build from scratch

Add/replace services or packages of services from a unified library of supplier/vendor content and rates

Get pricing recommendations on a group or per guest basis factoring in optional services or deviations for specific guests

Review different group size and age configurations

Generate a unique, true-to-your-brand, itinerary as a dynamic web page, PDF or Word doc

Marketing | CRM

Access rich profiles of your customers and partners including inquiry and booking and financial history

Maintain detailed traveler information including interests, preferences and special requests that can be captured and updated with online forms

Track emails sent to and received from customers

Use online forms to capture post-trip survey feedback

Integrate to popular marketing tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Hubspot and Marketo

Sales | Bookings

Receive and track inquiries from the web, email or phone and automate assignment and follow up

Allow clients and guests to book their custom trip or tour on your website via a private link or book your scheduled trip with real-time inventory

Manage commissions due to Travel Agents or B2B partners

Track optional services by Guest as well as room assignments

Generate an invoice with a detailed schedule of payments

Capture flight information into and out of destination whether booked by you, another agent or direct by the traveler


Send reservation confirmation emails with service details, rates and payment terms to trip or tour suppliers bills against services to track actual vs. quoted costs

Receive automated reminders when additional payments are due

Send rosters, rooming lists and flight manifests to vendors/suppliers

Generate Final Itineraries with detailed times, directions and contact information as well as an Operational itinerary with important notes and instructions for guides or drivers



Invoice customers in multiple currencies

Process credit card and e-check payments directly from PEAK 15 or via your website

Get reminders of vendor/supplier bills that need to be paid and track them against budgeted costs

Download transactions from PEAK 15 into QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage, Lawson or any accounting system that can import a CSV or Excel file.

Analysis | Dashboards | Reporting

Create organization-wide, team or personal dashboards that pull together critical information performance of SEO, SEM, Email Marketing with integration to Google Analytics

Compare sales from one period to another based on date of sale or date of travel

Check budget vs. actual P&L for one departure or roll up across different dimensions

Create your own reports and visualizations using Microsoft PowerBI and publish them to PEAK 15 or the PowerBI mobile app