We are seeing lots of interesting conversations in the tour operator industry about which type of travel will recover early and ramp quickly.

The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s research suggests adventure travel.  Certainly makes sense given that a) those travelers are by definition more adventurous and less conservative, b) the demographic also tends to skew younger and c) most adventure travel already takes place with smallish group tour sizes that are much easier to adapt to the demands of social distancing etc…  Read more here on LinkedIn

Premier Travel Media’s views echo many of the same underlying dynamics, but focuses on the what they call the “Privatization of Group Travel” — suggesting that travelers will book on exclusive private tours with groups of family members and friends who are in their bubble.  For travelers who would be priced out of traditional FIT offerings, this could provide a bit of middle ground between the high price of a pure FIT and the more affordable price of a true public group tour.   Read more here on LinkedIn